Honorary Advisors

Chef Jochen Kern

We are celebrating our 30 years anniversary this year, it may not be the best due to the global pandemic still on-going, but we would like to to express our gratitude towards our members who followed us, supported us and stayed with us during the ups and downs.
To date, we have members of CAC Academy of Chefs spread all around the world over these years and together we stayed strong and united as a family. 

Last but not least, some words from Chef Jochen Kern, the President of CAC Academy of Chefs, Master Chef all the way from Germany.

Audee Cheah

Experience : Over 30 Years

  • Penang Chefs Association Chariman
  • Executive Chef at INTEL Malaysia
  • Executive Chef at The Top Komtar.
  • Director of JT F&B Group Sdn Bhd
  • Culinary Director at The Teels Heritage Ghee
  • Advisor of Cac Academy of Chefs

Andy Leong Siew Fye

Experience : Over 28 Years

  • Executive Chef at China House located at Mandarin Oriental Hotel,Bangkok
  • In 2014, King of Malaysia bestowed an honorary title on Chef Andy Leong of The China House celebrating his role as an exemplary representative of Malaysia over the past 15 years

Daniel Tan Yang


  • Malaysia Global Certified Master Chef
  • Owner of What The Duck, Dinning & Dessert
    Nagore Road, Penang,Malaysia
  • Most Promising Young Chef ofthe Year (2007)
  • Gold Medal in Pattaya City Culinary Cup 2013
  • 2 gold medals in the International Gourmet Exhibition China 2006
  • Silver Medal ,13th Battle OfThe Chef 2011
  • Silver Medal, 2nd Pattaya City Culinary Cup 2011
  • Silver Medal in FHM Culinaire 2011
  • Bronze Medal in 13th Battle OfThe Chef 2011
  • 2 bronze, 13th Culinary Gathering Thailand 2007.
  • Served Safe Certified by National Restaurant Association