Qualifications to enroll

Certificate level : PM3 or working experience and age 16 and above
Diploma level :After Form 5/school leaving certificate/ SPM / UEC / age 17 and above
Advance Diploma : Diploma / Work experience

Are jobs guaranteed on graduation

We prepare our graduates to be ‘Job ready’ so that their employ-ability is great.
“Give them a fish, they will eat a day, show them to fish, they eat fish for a life time.”
Quote from the father of Chef Hendry, who served as the Chef for 5 US Presidents.
“Hendry , why don’t you become a chef after your studies, you can always get a job, because everybody has to eat.”

Are there any scholarships or credits rewards?

Please submit a 2 minutes video of you preparing food to CAC.

How much students have to pay for room accommodations?

Students will have to pay RM150-RM200 per month for the use of the hostel which is near the academy .
*Terms and Conditions apply

Is your diploma recognized globally?

The diploma by City & Guild UK London is widely accepted by the industry worldwide. Our graduates of the Diploma in Professional Chefs are holding Exexcutive Sous Chefs and Food & Beverage Managers. Many are employed globally.

What is a dual diploma?

Students who study for the Diploma in Professional Chef will also be doing the Diploma Level 2 Culinary by City & Guild with no extra tuition fees. Successful graduates will obtained a double diploma.

Who are the lecturers / chefs ?

They are Senior Chefs at renown hotels

  • Certified Vocational Training Officer ( VTO )
  • Certified Assessor for Australia certificate IV
  • Certified Assessor City & Guilds
  • Members of the Penang Chefs Association

Do the students need to look for their internship?

Students can choose to do their internship at hotel / restaurant / catering outlet from the panel of industrial partners locally or international.

Any added values if I take the Diploma in Professional Chef program?

  • Be a member of the Penang Chefs Association (PCA ) www.penangchefs.com.my which is recognized globally and participate in their activities.
  • Learning experience while studying
  • Participation in entrepreneurship.
  • RAPID bus pass for students
  • RM100 only for hostel use.
  • RM100 vouchers for students
  • Earn extra RM during weekends – subjected to availability

*Terms and conditions apply

Is there any degree / advance diploma ?

CAC Academy offered only an Advance Diploma level 3 Culinary Arts which is a 14 months program with 80% practical & 20% theory