Examinations and Internship

Students will have to undergo an internship in the Hotel & Catering industry for a period determined by the academy. Upon successful completion of the internship, they have to sit for the final theory and practical exam which are invigilated by professionals of their trade. All students have to pass their assessments and core abilities to qualify for their diploma.

At the end of every semester, every student is required to go through a competency test to determine whether they qualify to move on to the next semester. From preparing a four course set meal in a team to serving a two course set meal by solo, the students will be put through a series of test to be determined whether they are competent enough to move on.

From the way the student prepare their mise-en-place, to the cleanliness of their working station, to the cooking skills they’ve learn and the food presentation they show, every single steps is crucial in order to score high marks in the exam. Students will be given a limited time frame to prepare their dishes and serve when required. This will also let the students to feel what it’s like to be working in a professional kitchen where communication and teamwork is crucial in order to serve food out accordingly.

Placement Partnership