City & Guilds  is a vocational education organization in the United Kingdom.

It is an awarding body offering many accredited qualifications mapped onto the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales (CQFW) and Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF).

These cover entry level to level 7 on the RQF, with most qualifications falling in the entry level to level 3 range.

👉 Entry-level qualifications are the basics, for beginners.
👉 Level 1 qualifications are introductory awards, covering basic tasks and knowledge.
👉 Level 2 is slightly more advanced, needing some knowledge of the subject area.
👉 Level 3 qualifications cover more complex tasks and also start the development of supervisory skills. In many professions, level 3 is the benchmark to be considered competent.

City & Guilds operates in over 80 countries and its qualifications offer great progression opportunities and are widely accepted by employers around the world as the benchmark for workplace excellence.

The City & Guilds brand is recognized by 99% of employers. Our qualifications are built around employer needs so your learners are in a good position to find a job with a City & Guilds qualification.

City & Guilds also has a presence in every further education college in the UK, and delivers its products and services through over 10,000 approved centres worldwide.

英国伦敦城市行业协会(City & Guilds of London Institute, 简称以下City & Guilds)是伦敦市府和16个行业工会于1878年联合组建的职业技能教育组织。1884年City & Guilds成为面向全国的职业教育和资格等级考试、发证的机构。1900年英国维多利亚女王向City & Guilds颁发诏书(Royal Charter), 规定了它的办学宗旨。诏书规定City & Guilds作为不谋利的慈善性组织,其宗旨是帮助在职人士获得及提高技能使其在就业、晋升和个人发展方面享有更大的优势。
在许多国家和地区,City & Guilds证书已成为行业技能标准的代名词,尤其在亞洲更為普遍。同時,City & Guilds也获得了国际质量ISO9001认证,其組織的國際職業資格定為各行業機構的指定標準,其文憑以理论与实践并重,涵盖所需的知识及技能。為了证明资格证书持有者胜任同等工作岗位的能力,所有資格考試與評核都受過嚴密監控與管理。
City & Guilds 具有良好的能力晋级架构,为就业、深造等职业发展建立坚实的基础,同時也受英联邦、欧盟、欧盟自由贸易区等100多个国家普遍认可,成為职业资格的全球通行证,讓證書持有者可到世界各地就業,大大的提升了就業率。除此之外,其文憑也受全球众多大学认可,相应级别可替代专业课程学分,方便文憑持有者可繼續升造。