Some of our testimonials from our graduates.

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It has been 30 years since Culinary Arts Centre (CAC) established in 1990. Looking back, the school has been filled with the blessing of God. Although I was not had the chance to be part of the school in the earlier 1990, but, I’m thankful that Mr Bruce Lee & Ms Linda has gave me the opportunity to be part of the school CAC family since 1991. I treasure the time I have spent with collogue, staff and manager to share my golden time where I started from CAC and now I’m to be. I was not in this profession so call “Chef” but in my life time in the beginning it has built to me since my childhood love on cooking. It has taken me to work so many profession before I join as “Chef” and those days we called it “Cooks” or in Bahasa call “Tukang Masak”. Culinary Arts Centre had made many chef in the “WORLD” allow me to descried as this as Mr Bruce student today are travelling many country to serve his/her profession with carry name from CAC Penang, Malaysia. It is my pleasure to be one of the CAC family would like to wish CAC Happy 30th Anniversary. Mr Bruce Lee had gave me an opportunity to join the profession, just re-called back in 1990 mid, in coincidence saw a news from CAC that open for 1st batch MITD “Professional Chef Training Program” course . I went for interviewed with Mr Bruce and was selected. This where I started my hospitality life and it has gave me “A New Way of Life” of career opportunities to work as “Trainee Cooks” or “Apprentice Cook” Indeed it’s was my dream come true to learn the culinary skill with Penang famous Chef Mr Bruce Lee. He was my mentor and coacher where bring me to new career starting point after leaving the manufacturing as lab technician. Very much appreciated Mr Bruce opportunity given. I would like congratulate Culinary Arts Centre (CAC) during this 30th Anniversary 2020. My Mentor Mr Bruce Lee had created, build and gave his guidance to many successful Chef working opportunity and made their career path to be a successful CHEF’S today. My sincerely thanks to Mr Bruce Lee, Ms Linda and all CAC lecturers and staffs had putting their effort, time, passion to made the school success and future career opportunity place’s to all youngers chef to learn the cooking skill & knowledge on the Professional Chef Program. Culinary Arts Centre is the Back Wall to all young chef who’s interested to be a Top Chef today. I salute and appreciated Mr Bruce Lee and his team has made the school successfully. I would recommend and would like to introduce to all student, Culinary Arts Centre is “One Stop Culinary School Centre” you can learn and deserve your career opportunity in professional Chef culinary skill and knowledge here. Once again “THANKS MR BRUCE LEE AND TEAM” Congratulation to Culinary Arts Centre. Happy 30th Anniversary. ​​
Chef Eric Cheng
Stay positive and happy, work hard and don’t give up hope. Be open to critism and keep learning, surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people. Live your life to be a good example of what you believe and I thank CAC to guide me that way.
Chef Syamalan Balasubramaniam
I want to special thank you CAC. Here I can learned a lot of cooking skill. Teachers are very patient and responsible , make me become a independent chef 👨🏼‍🍳 if any of my friend interested in cooking I will also recommend them to CAC. Proud to be CAC student ✌🏻✌🏻cheers
Chef Mike Ong
My philosophy in Culinary to stay cool and focused on paying attention in detail. Believe in hard work and keep learning every day to master the skill of being A Great Chef. Adopt the cost-effective management and lead by example to manage productivity. Stay positive and always be ready for the challenging task on a daily routine to keep learning. Being a very creative and innovative designing world-class plating standard to impress the guest. To assure the consistency and the quality of food preparations up to the standard of the Cuisine.
Chef Hafiz Booz
Dear Lecturers, You have inspired me,guided me, encouraged me, and push me to do the my best!!!” I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts you all have taken ,during my academic year. Thank you from bottom my heart for all CAC academy hero’s I really appreciate all the hard works and time you have put into teaching me and make me grow in this career.
Chef Shaleni Neelakannan
I would like to express my gratitude and deep appreciation to CAC Academy of Chefs. I really appreciate all the hard work and time .You all have put into teaching me. I won’t be where I am without your guidance. It helped me to find out what I truly want to do with my career. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Chef Criss Al-Ben Ong Hao Xun
“Studied at CAC had brought me a bright future, all the teacher will teach with their passion & precious experience. Is not an easy path to work as chef, there no holiday, long hours work, but able to creating food that make your guest happy, that is awesome. Never too late to learn something new, opportunity are created by own hand.”
Chef William Sim
“First of all, i would like to congratulate Culinary Arts Centre (CAC) for celebrating 30th Anniversary in year 2020. I greatly appreciate Chef Bruce Lee for the guidance and mentorship in my entire chef life. Chef Bruce Lee and fellow chefs in CAC helped to shape my career and showed me how to transform my mistakes into skills. I really value everything they have taught me! Chef Bruce once told me "Cook single recipe for 100 times, you will become professional in that particular recipe". Thus, never give up and keep trying, you will be better day by day. I strongly recommend Culinary Arts Centre (CAC) to all student who wish pursue your dream as a chef. Off to a good start? Choose CAC!”
Chef Eric Long
Hi all , my name is Charmaine Clare De Almeida . I have been so fond of culinary since I was a little girl especially baking cakes with my mom and grandmother , I have never though that I would pursue my profession as a chef. CAC Academy of Chefs is where I began my training , I took up the Certificate of Pastry and Bakery course. To give you my standpoint, the course I took is not a piece of cake being scared of the Chefs , not being late to class by not oversleeping, attentiveness by not falling asleep in class through the long lectures , having a good discipline and respect for others . To be a patisserie chef it takes one to travel a long journey of perseverance to achieve his or her dream .“Phew” it was a little stressful but nevertheless it made me the person I am today.
Chef Charmaine Clare de Almeida
After my SPM studies, my mother advise me to study with CAC as one of her niece has graduated from CAC . Apart form the cooking skills, I learn to be punctual and take responsibilities The lecturers wanted us to challenge ourselves to lead. I was acting Chef De Partie ( leader ) for the Tomato Concasse group. At a recent Rational Combi Oven workshop in their Penang Kitchen, I was the acting Sous Chef in charge of planning and delegation. In Oct, I will be spending 2 months internship in Japan and then later complete a year in Singapore where my career will be launched. My quote “ “I like CAC because the 1 year program is suitable to me and after that I can further my studies”
Chef Neoh Khee Shaun
I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts you all have taken during this academic year. I really appreciate the way all the teacher and chef treating their students with love and care. You all guide us to be a better culinary person and perform well in the kitchen.
Chef Cassidy Yanhao
This is where my Dreams begin. This is where I have learned the Basic Kitchen Knowledges base on hotel standards SOP. I will always remember lectures from the great teachers from CAC academy. “Who loves cooking 👨🏻‍🍳👩🏻‍🍳👨🏿‍🍳,this is a good place to learn the knowledges, skills and experiences to start your dreams.❤️❤️❤️”
Chef Kevin Ang
Straight road doesn’t make a skillful driver” Without CAC I won’t be able to be at where am I today.
Chef Sow Kee Shen
After I completed my SPM, my parents asked me to further my studies at CAC as per their friend recommendation. At CAC, I learned to be more responsible and know how to be a team player. The thing I like about CAC is the lecturers are very good at teaching us. I was the acting Chef De Partie for the Rational Combi Oven Workshop. I also had the opportunity to represent CAC to participate in the KEDCC Competition and M Mall Competition 2019. I like CAC because the course is good and suitable for my future career
Chef Nicholas Ong Chun Wei
I found CAC through the internet. At CAC, I learn how to manage my studies and to have a better attitude. I get to learn something new every day. I improve my cooking skills by going through trial and errors with practice and joining competitions. In October 2019, I will be undergoing 6 months internship in Penang. After my internship, I will travel as a Pioneer of the Food World. My quote : Your life, your choice
Chef Master Thanathon Sonngao
I worked for a year after SPM. I love to be a chef so my friend advised me to study at CAC. At CAC, I learn to be punctual and to be a leader. I was the Team Leader for the competition team for KEDCC 2019 in Kedah and I won a silver medal in the competition. In the class, I am the acting Chef De Partie (Leader) for Hollandaise group. Our chef lecturers taught us to be a person with good attitude as ‘People hire your attitude, skill can be trained. My quote : Success had no endless.
Chef Teo Hou Leng
After my SPM examination, I went to work in Langkawi as a Cook but I didn’t earn much. My mother advised me to study at CAC as Professional Chef. My friend also recommended me to study at CAC. I learn a lot of new things at CAC. I learn to be a leader and to manage events. I also have the chance to be a Chef De Partie and then a Sous Chef. All the things that I learn at CAC are valuable lessons which I will value and cannot get elsewhere. In every cooking lesson, we get to eat what we cook. CAC is also a great and suitable place to study. All the lecturers are helpful and friendly. I am the acting Chef De Partie (Leader) for Veloute group. At the Rational Combi Oven Workshop, I was the acting Sous Chef in charge of planning and delegation. My quote : Success has no elevator. You have to walk up the stairs.
Chef Muhammad Hazeimi Bin Abdul Halim
I enjoy studying at CAC Academy of Chefs. The syllabus is good because it includes a wide range of recipes and cooking methods. The explanation given by the lecturers is good and easy to understand. The Academy also includes external events to allow us better exposure to the culinary world.
Chef Arshiana R Sharma
I enjoy studying at CAC Academy of Chefs. We are given a lot of opportunities to participate in events and competitions. I also have the opportunity to build up my leadership skill, guide others (mentor-mentee) and be helpful to my classmates. At CAC, I learn about costing, market list, planning, preparation, cooking skill and others. Culinary Arts is not just cooking and pastry lesson but we also learn about food safety, French words and etc. At CAC, we get appropriate theory and practical lessons/coursework. We also learn from our mistake and become a better person. Our lecturers give us valuable information and knowledge about the course.
Evina Chong Yen Xin